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Circuiti stampati

Business profile

Our company produces printed circuits and has followed the technological development that has occurred in this field, and that has given to us the opportunity to satisfy every request, from civil to professional electronics.

In particular the production includes the whole range of basis materials that you need for the manufacturing of printed circuits, from FR2 to FR4, which are handled both on a side and on two sides, with or without metallized holes.

Besides we produce all kinds of surface treatment in Nichel, Gold, Silver, Tin Lead Free with Hot Air Levelling, complying with the RoHS (RoHS-Reduction of Hazardous Substances) provisions.

The present production includes the most advanced techniques and guarantees the greatest reliability of the finished product, but also a flexible business management.

Ierre-printed circuits is a company that aims to the research and the development of the most advanced production technology. This can make it very competitive and be able to fit with the ongoing requests of the market.

Ierre can satisfy various requirements, from the production of prototypes to small and medium series of printed circuits like single or double face, multilayer and of different kind of superficial finish.

IERRE s.n.c Circuiti stampati - Vicolo Chiuso, 5 - 23879 Verderio (LC)
Tel. 039 513284 Fax: 039 2124908

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